Ganache Ganache Ganache

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This cake is made from the finest bittersweet Belgium chocolate. Served best with fresh raspberries. A flowerless cake, our Ganache is Gluten-Free and rich in chocolate. The perfect item for chocolate lovers!


Belgium Chocolate, Eggs, French Cognac, Heavy Cream, Sugar

The history of Ganache dessert starts with its name. Centuries ago in France the word ‘ganache’ was an insult, describing a person devoid of talents and intelligence. As such, the dessert got its name from an error of manipulation. The story holds that one day an apprentice chocolate maker mistakenly poured boiling cream in chocolate, during the process of cake making. Angry to see that the preparation of a cake went wrong, the master called him ‘kind of ganache!’ in popular language. Trying to catch up with the process, the master mixed the substance, what surprisingly turned it into a paste. The paste was later called ‘Ganache’. This is how a mistake gave birth to one of the best French desserts, used by all chocolatiers and patissiers.