Sable Cookies
Sable Cookies Sable Cookies Sable Cookies Sable Cookies Sable Cookies

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These hand made butter cookies are the signature of Bonpastry. they are filled with your choice of apricot, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, or nutella topped with chocolate ganache. Comes in different shapes or sizes of your choice. Perfect for any occasion.

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Butter, Eggs, Sugar, Unbleached Flour

The Sable cookies originate in a French city called Sablé-sur-Sarthe in Normandy. The French word ‘sable’ means ‘sand’ or ‘breadcrumbs’. The cookies are named like that because during the process of cooking the cold butter is rubbed into flour and sugar, what forms little pieces of dough resembling breadcrumbs or sand. The story of the cookies starts in 1828, when during the trip to Normandy, the adviser of the King, Masson de Saint-Amand, tasted the biscuits in a small local boulangerie, describing them as ‘the kind of biscuits, which are quite soft and which crumble like sand when we eat them. Later, around 1870, the word ‘sablé’ was included in Masson de Saint-Amand’s dictionary, defined as ‘the name of cookies in Normandie’. Thirty years after that, the Sable cookies were noted as being ‘in fashion’ among the French nobility and later became ‘a delicatesse’, which every French noble home was craving. For decades after, different patissiers from around the country has been inventing their own recipes of the Sable cookies, which gave the biscuits many new names like biscuits of Nançay, Argentan, Carentan, Yvetot, Cliff, Bayeux, and other.