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The Pride of Bon Pastry. This Italian delicacy is made with savoiardi (lady’s fingers) and dipped in a mix of Italian espresso and French Cognac. It is filled with a mix of mascarapone and chantilly, and finished with European Cocoa Powder. Please allow up to 24 hours for all orders.

In Italian ‘tiramisu’ means ‘physically or morally reassembled’. There are many different versions of the Tiramisu. Many Italian regions often compete for the best recipe and its interpretation, as well as for whose recipe is considered to be the original one. In fact, these claims produced many regional legends about the true origins of the Tiramisu. One of the most famous legends places the origin in the sixteenth century. Allegedly when the Duke of Tuscany came to Cosimo III de Medici in Siena, he was amazed by the tastiness and the sweetness of the dessert that he tasted. The Duke then brought it back to the court of Florence, where it became very popular among the most noble people in the region. A few decades later, the original recipe was modified in Trévesie by adding the famous mascarpone cheese. The other legend holds that the Tiramisu was born in Venice. It is said that during the Renaissance period it was used as an aphrodisiac, which women lavished on their loved ones to increase their sexual capacity. More practical theory of origin states that Tiramisu was invented because of the need to recycle cold coffee and cake leftovers. According to this version, the mascarpone cheese was an integral ingredient of the original recipe. Another key ingredient was liquor, which was added on the top of the remains of the cake to give them ‘a new life. The more fact-related theory takes us to the little Italian city of Treviso, where the two family restaurants are still competing for the paternity of the original Tiramisu, which was supposedly discovered in 1971. Irregardless of the origin, Tiramisu still remains one of the most appreciated desserts in the whole world.